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The Dome technology from AirEye is a managed service that protects the network, its users and the devices in the corporate airspace from cyberattacks and threats anywhere, in the office, at home and even on the go.

The AirEye Dome gives you full protection against airborne attacks that result in unauthorised access to your corporate network.

  • Receive visibility into devices that are broadcasting WiFiDirect, pinpointing all devices connected via WifiDirect
  • Identify wireless networks with insecure configurations
  • Pinpoint WPS-enabled networks
  • Detect wireless hotspots operated by authorised and unauthorised users
  • Prevent wireless-spreading malware attacks such as Emotet
  • Prevent any unauthorised wireless access to a dual-connected device
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Veriato’s Cerebral and Vision software – AI-driven insider threat detection and productivity monitoring for employees working remotely or in the office.

Veriato software products are used by the financial services industry, healthcare, Government and police forces across the UK.

Insider threat detection and user activity monitoring.

  • AI driven User Behavior Analytics + User Activity Monitoring
  • Integrated & intelligent to reduce risk
  • Context rich recordings that optimize CERT and SOC response times
  • Advanced data breach response
  • Scalable architecture for up to 300k endpoints
5 Pillars

Remote employee monitoring

  • Monitor employees working at home or in office
  • Productivity reports, dashboards and alerts
  • Easily deploys to remote devices
  • Monitor all of your employees’ activity (PC, MAC or Android)

Employee investigations

  • Monitor, record and review all onscreen activity
  • Video playback of all onscreen activity
  • Simplified investigation of employees
  • For companies of any size looking to conduct forensic investigations
  • Visible evidence to support your decisions

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